Singing across campus

Descriptions here are based on information available on the Internet.  If you can add to or correct this information, please let us know.
For Columbia Spectator coverage of today's Columbia University Glee Club, click here.
For Columbia Spectatorcoverage of today's a cappella groups, click here.
Bacchantae -founded in 1983, this all-female Barnard a cappella group focuses on self-arranged pop, folk, alternative and R&B music. For more...

Bach Society - founded in 1999 by Columbia musicians, the orchestra and chorus focuses on the music, legacy and influence of J.S. Bach. For more...

Barnard Chorus - no longer exists as a separate group.  Believed to be combined with Barnard-Columbia Chorus.

Barnard Gilbert & Sullivan Society
 - no longer exists.  For about 45 years and ending in 1991, G&S offered Columbia and Barnard students the opportunity to perform Gilbert and Sullivan's delightful operettas.  Run by students, the group was self-financed and produced two G&S shows a year, generally in Barnard's Minor Latham Playhouse.  For more...

Barnard Glee Club - no longer exists.  Contemporary press accounts document joint concerts with the Columbia Glee Club in the 1930's and 1940's.  Carl Fischer published the Columbia and Barnard Glee Club Series of arrangements.

Barnard Octet - no longer exists.  The group was a women's ensemble in the 1950's.

Barnard-Columbia Chorus (and Chamber Choir) - a part of the Department of Music and led by a Barnard music professor, the ensemble is open to the entire university community and annually presents the traditional Columbia Candlelight Concert in December and a spring concert in April.  For more...

Bat Kol - apparently no longer exists.  The group was a Jewish women's a cappella group in the 1990's.

Blue Notes (part of the Glee Club) - no longer exists.  Founded in 1949 with a focus on barbershop and close harmony, the male quartet disappeared with the advent of co-education.

Chapel Choir - no longer exists under that name.

Clefhangers - founded in 1988, this contemporary co-ed a cappella group focuses on pop, R&B and soulful music of every genre.  For more...

Collegium Musicum - on campus since the 1950's and officially part of the Department of Music, the ensemble has broadened its traditional repertory of middle ages and Renaissance music to include all epochs, including 20th century and contemporary music.  For more...

Columbia Chorus - no longer exists as a separate group.  Believed to be combined with Barnard-Columbia Chorus.

Columbia Law Revue - an annual revue and cabaret by students at Columbia School of Law, apparently inactive at present, though a Facebook page exists: Click here.

Columbia Musical Theater Society - founded in 2000, the group brings musical theater to the Columbia community, with opportunities for students of all school, majors and backgrounds to participate on stage and behind the scenes.  For more...

Columbia Opera Ensemble - no longer active.  Presented opera scenes and light opera (Gilbert & Sullivan) in 1990's.

Columbia University Glee Club - founded in 1873, the Glee Club is the oldest singing group on campus.  Begun as an all-male chorus, it went co-ed when Columbia College admitted women in the 1980's.  The club's alumni site includes an extended history.  For more on the current club...

Columbia University Gospel Choir - after prior incarnations in the 1970's and 1980's, the current group took shape in the 1990's.  A Christian ministry that lifts up the name of Jesus Christ through gospel music, the choir draws on students from Columbia and Barnard.  For more...

Columbines - founded in 1959, this Barnard women's a cappella group went out of existence in 1965.

Flatliners - apparently no longer exists.  A co-ed a cappella group based at P&S and active in the early 2000's.

High Bias - apparently no longer exists.  An all-male a cappella group focusing on R&B music in the 1990's/early 2000's.

Jubilation! - a co-ed Christian a cappella group founded by members of Intervarsity Christian Fellowship in 1990 and recognized officially in 1994.  For more...

Kingsmen - founded in 1949 as the King's Men, the all-male a cappella group encompasses barbershop, gospel, traditional school songs, Christmas tunes, contemporary selections and witty songs they write themselves.  The original group evolved into doo-wop ensemble Sha-Na-Na in 1969.  The group was reinstituted on campus in 1982 as the Kingsmen when the Notes and Keys, the Glee Club's all-male a cappella group, separated from the Glee Club to re-start it.  For more...

Lion in the Grass - this bluegrass band was founded in 2004.  For more...

Mathrigals - no longer exists.  This co-ed "pick-up" a cappella group was based in SEAS.

Metrotones - founded in 1983, when Columbia College became co-educational, this all-female a cappella group focuses on contemporary pop music.  For more...

Music Performance Program (vocal)
 - a part of the Department of Music, the program enables students to develop as musicians in an academic setting by providing opportunities for musical instruction, participation and performance.  Vocal performance opportunities include vocal lessons and classes as well as ensemble work, both for credit and non-credit.  For more...

Non-Sequitur - founded in 2000, this co-ed a cappella group performs a wide variety of music from across the musical spectrum with original arrangements, style and verve.  For more...

Notes and Keys (independent) - founded in 1989, the current co-ed Notes and Keys ensemble 
focuses on both contemporary pop and Columbia songs.  It is not related to the group described below.  For more...

Notes and Keys (part of Glee Club) - no longer exists.  Founded in 1949 with a focus on a cappella performance from madrigals to spirituals, the triple quartet separated from the Glee Club in 1983 and reconstituted itself as the Kingsmen.  

P&S Choir - founded in 1999 as part of the P&S Club, the choir is currently inactive.  For more...

Pizmon - a co-ed Jewish a cappella group from Columbia, Barnard and Jewish Theological Seminary, focusing on a variety of genres, including liturgical pieces, Israeli rock and pop, English parodies, Yiddish classics and children's songs.  For more...

Redline - apparently no longer exists.  Co-ed a cappella group for graduate students.

Ultrasounds - co-ed a cappella group based at P&S, a part of the P&S Club and open to all members of the CUMC community.  For more...

University Choir - also called Columbia Chorus.  No longer exists as separate group.  Believed to be combined with Barnard-Columbia Chorus.

Uptown Vocal - founded in 1991, the co-ed a cappella group focuses on jazz and pop.  For more...

Varsity Show - founded in 1894, the group annually produces a unique full-length show that skews and satirizes many dubious aspects of life at Columbia.  For more...

WorldMuse Ensemble - a small co-ed ensemble of skilled singers led collaboratively by a Barnard voice professor, the group delves into compelling music from many genres: medieval, folk, ethnic and classical - old and new.  For more...

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