Reunion 2010

What a Reunion!

Two rehearsals, a 75 minute performance, two receptions, lots of schmoozing and informal vocalizing, exchanges of memories, stories and downright exaggerations, seeing old friends and making some new ones and - just maybe - the beginning of an effort to organize some other alum singing activities in the future.

Read the whole report here.

About 100 singers participated, with close to 90 performing.  Distribution of participants was bi-polar with heavy participation by alums from the 60's and 80's.  More men than women, given the club's history, though the vocal balance was just fine in the audience.

The audience estimate is 250-300, including many children of singing alums.  The audience knew enough to stand (or come up front to join in) when we sang "Sans Souci."

Bruce Trinkley CC 1966 and Jerry Weale CC 1957 provided the musical direction, with pre-reunion assistance from former Associate Director Gary de Sesa and 2009-2010 Glee Club conductor David Harris taking the podium for three numbers.

See the whole performance program here.

We received some priceless additions to the Library's files on Glee Club history, including rosters, concert programs, photos, fliers, posters and files.  If you have similar material you're willing to contribute, let us know.

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  • last reaction
    commented 2024-02-27 04:44:51 -0500
    Thank you for sharing the highlights of the Reunion 2010 event! It sounds like it was a truly memorable gathering filled with music, camaraderie, and nostalgia. As someone involved in the painters and decorators industry, I appreciate the attention to detail and coordination required to bring such events to life. It’s inspiring to see alumni coming together to celebrate shared experiences and create new memories.
  • Mike Dawson
    commented 2023-12-04 01:02:42 -0500
    What a fantastic reunion! The event featured rehearsals, a lively performance, receptions, and the joy of reconnecting with old friends. With around 100 singers, the participation was strong, especially from alums of the 60s and 80s. The audience, estimated at 250-300, included children of singing alums. The musical direction by Bruce Trinkley and Jerry Weale was a highlight, and valuable additions to the Glee Club’s history were received for the library’s archives. A wonderful blend of nostalgia and future possibilities!
  • katy swift
    commented 2023-09-08 22:25:59 -0400
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  • Ahmad Darkijem