Alumni Benefits

Discover the benefits of being a Columbian for life.

Alumni-only discounts and benefits include:

  • Access to Columbia Libraries and e-databases
  • Computer discounts and VIP customer service with GovConnect
  • Life, auto, home, and long term care insurance, or short-term medical insurance
  • Healthcare discounts on prescriptions and lab tests
  • Cash rewards through Bank of America

Learn more by visiting or, for Columbia Libraries access,

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  • Mike Jackson
    commented 2024-01-21 07:29:04 -0500
    With its simple mechanics, Super Mario games emphasize precision and timing, offering players challenging levels and memorable, catchy music.
  • jack carl
    commented 2024-01-11 03:25:00 -0500
    The Mushroom Kingdom, Mario’s vibrant and eclectic home, is replete with colorful landscapes, charming inhabitants, and memorable locales that have become synonymous with gaming nostalgia.
  • Alison Carl
    commented 2023-12-02 00:56:54 -0500
    Unlock exclusive advantages as a lifelong Columbian! Enjoy alumni-only perks such as access to Columbia Libraries and e-databases, special computer discounts with VIP service through GovConnect, insurance options (life, auto, home, long term care, and short-term medical), healthcare discounts on prescriptions and lab tests, plus cash rewards via Bank of America. Embrace the benefits of being a Columbian for life!